The office of Guiuan Marine Resource Protected Landscape and Seascape (GMRPLS) rescued a Philippine Palm Civet (Paradoxurus philippensis), locally known as “garong”. This, after a concerned citizen reported that he spotted a wounded civet cat in the streets of Poblacion 8, Guiuan, Eastern Samar, evening of July 24, 2021.

Rescuers discovered that the adult civet cat had injuries on its left eye and mouth. It was immediately brought to the CENRO Borongan Sub-office – Guiuan for proper care and rehabilitation.

After recovering from the sustained injuries, the civet cat was released to its natural habitat in Guiuan, Eastern Samar on July 29, 2021.

The Civet cats are considered as one of the country’s rare and endemic species. This wildlife excretes coffee seeds considered as the world’s most expensive coffee, making it a high-value animal for some households and coffee manufacturers.

In light of this threat, the DENR emphasized that the civet cat plays an important role in the ecosystem by propagating the seeds it spews after eating. This natural process contributes to growing a variety of plants and fruit trees in the forests.

"The office is grateful to everyone who shows concern for our wildlife and their habitat", DENR VIII Regional Executive Director Tirso P. Parian, Jr. says.

"Our call continues - let’s keep our wildlife such as the civet cats alive and protected in their natural habitat. Report wildlife crimes and violations immediately, and if you encounter wildlife that needs to be rescued, please contact the DENR office nearest you", he adds. ###