“This activity is both a source of pride and of optimism for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (FLUP) and that of the Local Government Unit of Gamay for this is a step forward for the implementation of their Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP). Its adoption is a clear indication of the active participation of the LGU of Gamay because the DENR on its part, just facilitates in the crafting process,” says Tirso P. Parian, Jr., Regional Executive Director of DENR in Region 8.

This was the statement of RED Parian during the formal signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) wherein the DENR and Gamay LGU agreed to collaborate in the successful implementation of the FLUP that was the product of a collaborative and participatory approach by all stakeholders.

The primary purpose of the FLUP is to come up with recommendations on land allocations to close forestlands, that have become “open access”, through studies and consultations that will then be the basis for assigning forests and forests lands under different management and tenure agreements.

Executive Order No. 318 or “Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in the Philippines” mandates the local government units to incorporate FLUP into their comprehensive land use plans.

“Having an FLUP is important because it is a manifestation of the sense of ownership of the community of their forests and forestlands. It works for the benefit of the LGU because they will be able to assign “open access” areas to responsible resource managers who will ensure that it will be properly managed and protected and reduce conflicts among those who are dependent on their livelihood directly or indirectly to forest resources,” added RED Parian.