“We, the home of the true-blooded Eagle Scouts pledge to do our best to uphold our duties as said in the Memorandum of Partnership Agreement. We will promise you that we will do our jobs faithfully and without asking for anything in return. We will do everything in our power to uphold the agreement that was made here today and we pledge to help make this world a little bit better,” says Ralf Andre Tabao, Eagle Scout of the Eagle Scouts Organization of the Philippines- Leyte Island Council.

Eagle Scout Tabao is one of nineteen (19) Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Ambassadors recently engaged by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Eastern Visayas. They shall be tasked to promote awareness and behavioral change of the people towards environmental stewardship by maximizing the use of social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The ENR Ambassadors are likewise expected to be a role model of other students/youth in pushing for a healthy and clean environment.

A MOPA was inked between DENR and the ESOP who shall work closely together to ensure that the ENR Ambassadors Program is successfully implemented. Likewise through a Deed of Donation, the DENR provided the ESOP twenty (20) units of brand new pocket Wi-Fi and 500 pesos worth of data load cards for the duration of the project for the exclusive use of the ENR Ambassadors in their advocacy campaign.

DENR Assistant Regional Director Arturo N. Salazar told the ENR Ambassadors that they have a huge responsibility in upholding the advocacy of Tayo ang Kalikasan. He challenged to have a multiplier effect such that young and old alike will embrace the Tayo ang Kalikasan advocacy.                                                    

Tayo ang Kalikasan is a movement envisioned to be a collaborative effort of the government, through DENR, and it citizens toward the protection of the country’s natural resources.