“Aware of your dedication, we always give due recognition for your assistance in enforcing environmental laws and for providing us the needed security against sinister groups and individuals that ravage our natural resources for greed and profit”, Regional Executive Director Tirso P. Parian, Jr. said addressing the 14th IB (Avenger) Philippine Army.

RED Parian acknowledged the Philippine Army and the armed forces in general, for always offering a hand to the Department in the performance of its mandate especially when enforcing the law upon people who are usually armed.

“Our employees have nothing but government-issued IDs, GPS, and cameras. This is where you come in, and you have proven time and again that we can depend on you”, he adds.

He likewise underscored the interconnectedness of the DENR and law enforcement agencies, stressing that the two are indispensable partners.

“You protect the country and its citizens against enemies of the state while us in the Department, protect our environment and natural resources from those whose greed for profit is insatiable.  Without the environment, there is no country and citizens to protect with for there will be no livable country to stay with. We are all in this together, intertwined by fate”, RED Parian stressed.

He also commended the armed forces for their exemplary performance even amid the COVID-19 pandemic which led to the apprehension of millions worth of illegally cut lumbers in the islands of Leyte and Samar. 

RED Parian was invited to speak before the members of the 14th IB PA during their Flag Raising and Donning Ceremony held at their Headquarters in Brgy. Uguis, Mahaplag, Leyte on July 27, 2020. The event also included a tree planting activity and signing of the Memorandum of Agreement strengthening DENR’s involvement in the implementation of the Retooled Community Support Program (RSCP) in isolated and conflict areas within their jurisdiction.