RED Barcelo MOPA for PFDMP No.Samar“Effective foreshore management, safety of coastal communities, and sustained aesthetic and economic values of foreshore land assets in the Province of Northern Samar is now ensured”.

This was stressed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Regional Executive Director Crizaldy Barcelo during DENR-PENRO Northern Samar’s presentation of the Provincial Foreshore Development and Management Plan (PFMDP) for the province.

According to Pambujan Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO) Angelito Villanueva, the PFDMP is anchored on a comprehensive analysis of condition, problems and issues affecting the foreshore area. “This plan shall be the basis for the best foreshore management scheme to be implemented in Northern Samar. It will ensure that all activities within foreshore are legal, viable, and socially acceptable”, he adds.

A Memorandum of Partnership Agreement stating the roles and responsibilities of different government and non-organizations, the academe, and the private sector in the implementation of Northern Samar’s Provincial Foreshore Development Plan was presented to partners for adoption.

To act as overall coordinating body for the implementation of Northern Samar’s PFDMP, a Foreshore Area Management Board (FAMB) chaired by the DENR PENRO Northern Samar Elpidio Simon and Co- chaired by Governor Edwin Marino Ongchuan, with members from other government agencies the academe, and the religious sector was institutionalized.

The FAMB shall also formulate operational policies/procedures for the shore zone management, apply national regulatory standards, and guide   the formulation of the shore zone management zoning, among others.