Around thirty (30) ambassadors representing different youth groups attended a focused group discussion anchored on the celebration’s theme, "Sama-samang tumutugon sa nagbabagong hamon ng klima." The discussion focused on important environmental issues including climate change, solid waste management, and disaster risk reduction. This was conducted to generate insight into how the youth think about an environmental issue and gather their perspective on how to address this.

The DENR also capacitated the ENR Ambassadors on how to conduct a Dalaw-turo, an activity that seeks to raise awareness about environmental protection and conservation through interactive activities, games, and storytelling sessions.

After their session, the ENR Ambassadors conducted a dalaw-turo activity for over seventy (70) pupils of the Panalaron Central School in Tacloban City.

DENR RED Arturo Fadriquela lauded the enthusiasm of the youth towards the environment. "We are thankful that we have a lot of young people who are interested in joining the DENR in its environmental advocacy," he said. "We hope that after the lectures and discussions, the youth will be more inspired to respond to the call for environmental protection and conservation," Director Fadriquela added.