The Maritime Law Enforcement Team in Brgy. Alegria, Caibiran, Biliran turned over 2 heads of white-eared brown dove to the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) in Biliran.

Under Department Administrative Order (DAO) No.2019-09 on the Updated List of Threatened Philippine Flora and Fauna and their categories, white-eared brown dove is classified as Other Wildlife Species (OWS) wherein mere possession of it without permit is punishable.

“We encourage those who are in custody of any wildlife species without permit to turn them over to the nearest DENR office so that they could be released immediately to their natural habitat, says Maria Cristina Santos, from PENRO Biliran.

The brown doves were released on the same day by a PENRO personnel at a forested area in Brgy. Hugpa, Biliran, Biliran after an examination was done by a veterinarian finding the doves fit and in fair condition.