4th cycle 10 has bamboo capinahan
4th cycle 10 has cacao ungale
4th cycle 14 has cacao calipayan
4th cycle 15 has bamboo
4th cycle 15 has cacao caanibongan
4th cycle 15 has cacao capinahan
4th cycle 25 has bamboo
4th cycle 30 has cacao
4th cycle 31 has cacao casiawan
4th cycle 50 has cacao calipayan
4th cycle 50 has cacao caucab
4th cycle 25 has fruit trees Salangi
4th cycle 9 has fruit trees Culaba Bool West
3rd Cycle 15 has Mangrove Bato
3rd Cycle 7.77 has Mangrove Busali
3rd Cycle 4.72 has Mangrove Looc
3rd Cycle 52 has Coffee Villacosuelo
3rd Cycle 30 has Coffee Caanibongan
3rd Cycle 13 has Cacao Calipayan
3rd Cycle 50 has Cacao Looc
Establishment 40 has Cacao Imelda
3rd Cycle 80 has Cacao Salawad
Establishment 10 has fruit trees Calipayan
Establishment 39 has rattan Calipayan
Establishment Rattan Villaconsuelo
ICT Equipment PR NO. 2020-113
Vehicle PR NO. 2020-112
Maintenance and Protection 1000 IPT Caucab




PENRO Biliran

Address: Brgy. Larrazabal, Naval, Biliran

Tel. No. : 053-500-4115 

Planning Section : 053-507-8087 

Administrative Office : 053-507-8086

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1. Formulation and Monitoring of ENR Sector Policies, Plans, Programs and Projects

A. Formulation of Policies, Plans, Programs and Projects

A.1 Prepare, Review and Evaluate Work Targets and Budget Proposal

A.2 Prepare, Review and Evaluate Work and Financial Plan

A.3 Implementation of ENR Policies and Programs Monitored and Evaluated

B. Forest Management Services

B.1 Forest Land Use

B.2 Preparation/Updating of Simplified Community Resource Management Framework (CRMF) including Maps and 5-Year Workplan

B.3 Forest Products Utilization and Price Monitoring

C. Land Management Services

C.1 Adoption of Provincial Foreshore Management and Development Plan

2. Natural Resources Enforcement and Regulatory Program

A. Natural Resources Management Arrangement/Agreement and Permit Issuance

B. Forest and Forest Resources Use

B.1 Issuance of Tenure Instrument/Management Arrangement

B.1.1 Processing of Application of Tenurial Instruments

B.1.2 Compliance Monitoring of Tenure or Permit Holders

B.1.3 Assessment of CSCs (develop CSCs) including expire, expiring outside CBMFA

B.2 Forest Protection Program

B.2.1 Procurement of Equipment and Gadgets

B.2.1.1 Procurement of Mapping and Surveilance Software

B.2.1.2 Procurement of Geotagging Equipment

B.2.1.3 Procurement of Handheld Radio with Base/Communication Equipment

B.2.2 Acquisition of Vehicles

B.3 Sustained a Well-Planned Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Campaign Region-wide down to CENRO Level

B.3.1 Involvement of Forest Communities in Forest Protection Works

B.3.2 IEC Campaign, CENRO Level Meetings, Consulatation, Seminars and Symposium

B.4 Consistent Apprehension and Mandatory Administrative Adjudication and Confiscation of Apprehended Forest Products including Conveyances and other Implements

B.4.1 Apprehended undocumented Forest Products including NTFPs, Vehicles, Equipment and other implements

B.4.2 Hauling of Apprehended Forest Products and Vehicles/Implements to CENR Office or any nearest Government Office

B.5 Provision of Institutional Support in Investigation, Filling of Information and/or Criminal Complaints and Prosecution of Forest Cases

B.5.1 Hiring of Lawyers/Legal Researchers

B.6 Sustainble Implementation of the LAWIN Forest and Biodiversity Protection System

B.7 Collection of Revenue from Forestry Sector


C. Land Management Sector

C.1 Collection of Revenues