Welcome Remarks / Inspirational Message




RD Crizaldy M. Barcelo, CESO III




Leadership Challenge for Good Governance Program

Leyte Park Hotel and Resort, Tacloban City

September 03, 2018




Makakalikasan na pagbati po sa inyong lahat. It is my pleasure to have been invited to speak before you just as you are about start this 4-day activity that is programmed to hone your leadership ability and contribute to an improved good governance as dedicated and passionate public servants of the department.


To the human resource development service, we are honored to host this learning event and are hopeful of its complete success. We really appreciate your sustained effort of improving the capabilities of our workforce.


To all of the participants today, you have been specifically chosen because you are already leaders in your respective units and areas of assignments. But just as learning and growing as a better person is a lifelong process, we can never claim that we already have it all. When we assume otherwise and refuse to open up to new ideas that may help us, then we stagnate, spiraling downward, and we become irrelevant. Nobody, i presume, likes to be immaterial and incognito. We would always want to count for something, hopefully, count for something that matters to society.


Today and in the next few days, you will be introduced to and presented with different concepts, principles, theories and ideas that will aid you to become a better leader. Some of those will be new and maybe some you may have heard and learned already. But as i have emphasized before to my colleagues, knowledge and learning is nothing if there is no assimilation and personal conversion. Meaning, if we do not incorporate those learnings as part of our personal values and practice them, they remain ideas and nothing else.


And so my challenge to all of you is to set aside your personal biases and opinions. Open yourselves up like a “tabula rasa”, a clean slate, ready and willing to be imprinted with new knowledge. With that attitude, you will all complete this learning event equipped with the right tools to become effective and efficient leaders.


Having said that, the litmus test of a real leader is one that possesses the attribute of unquestionable integrity. Leadership skill and integrity when combined will result to you being respected. When you are respected, you can influence and get along well with others and ultimately lead to positive accomplishments of tasks.


So embrace this opportunity and see yourself grow through your personal conviction of becoming a better person - an effective civil servant and leader.


Again, I welcome you all here. And to the facilitators and participants who are not from the region, maupay nga pag-abot ha sinirangan bisayas. I wish you all a productive and enjoyable stay.


Mabuhay at maraming salamat!