Today, marks a very memorable day for all of us.  People or publics from all walks of life gather for this very momentous event… the launching of Climate Change Advocacy Campaign.  We are now in this very famous  place, Candahug Palo,Leyte,   known by the rest of the world, not only as the historic MacArthur Landing Monument,  but this time also as one of the most hardly hit and devastated area of the strongest typhoon to ever hit the world, typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda.


This time, Climate Change Advocacy is not only being undertaken by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources but is being made in partnership with the Philippine Information Agency.  Both agencies have the end goal of generating mass involvement and support of all sectors represented by all of you to rally for environmental protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


 I used to say this, WE AT THE DENR CANNOT DO IT ALONE.  The  phenomenon of global warming and climate change is so vague.  There is still low awareness and attribution that environmental abuses are contributory factors in worsening its effects.  Even if we experience by ourselves the ill effects of climate change some of us still not seem to care and continue unfriendly activities for our environment.


Responses to the weather manifestations are perceived to be somebody else’s problem, the DENR’s problem, the local government unit’s problems.  In most cases, we believe that the problems that we are experiencing today are just the government’s problems and responsibility, not OURs.


As our campaign logo states, NAGBABAGO NA ANG PANAHON, PANAHON  NA PARA MAGBAGO. It’s time for all of us, as individuals or groups to synergize all our environmental agenda and heighten the relevance and importance in actively adhering to climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.


Climate Change is already happening and it is now regarded as the NEW CONDITION OR THE NEW NORMAL.


What we will be doing in this climate change advocacy campaign with PIA is to use the different media channels in disseminating popularized  information on global warming and climate change, its causes and effects and the actions to be done in order for us to mitigate the adverse impact and establish adaptation measures.


Since this is a nationwide campaign, we will be adopting a standard thematic advocacy brand in order to be better learned and understood by all kinds of audiences regardless of their status in society.


We have to laymanize our materials for easy understanding by the common tao.  Remember what happened in the misinformation which led to misguidance and misunderstanding about the word STORM SURGE, that caused the death of thousands of people who could have been saved if the information was properly decoded.


I think all of us will agree that technical terms have to be translated down to its lowest terms in order to be understood and generate action.


Nonetheless, we hope that this campaign will foster and strengthen partnerships for environmental endeavors.  All environmental concerns and agenda are in various ways connected to Climate Change and its resulting impacts.  Each of our office or organization must do its own environmental program.  That is why we are giving each sector a mangrove area for adoption and development.


We at the DENR and PIA hopes that this campaign will strategically inspire and motivate us to actively do environmental protection efforts.


Our tree planting activity that we shall be conducting later is one of the many examples for us to do in order to enhance our environment.


By actively cooperating and participating in our environmental endeavours is actually PROTECTING OURSELVES.   Adaptation measures are to strengthen the ability to survive and be safe.  Mitigation measures are to strengthen the environment that plays a critical role in our sustenance and welfare.


While we thank all the people and organizations from the country and all over the world for helping us move on for what happened to us after Yolanda, let’s all help ourselves to be  capable and strong to survive the harshness of climate change’s manifestation.


To one and all, join us in this Climate Change Advocacy Campaign.


Maraming salamat at mabuhay tayong lahat.