As thousands of Filipinos start heading to provinces for the long Holy Week break, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) urged people to make the annual observance as environment-friendly as possible.

DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu acknowledged that aside from reflection and meditation, Holy Week for most people also means long vacation and a great time to frolic at the beach.

Thus, he said, it is only proper to remind the public against turning the country’s beaches into dumpsites.

“Let us all be reminded of the basics—reduce, reuse and recycle,” said Cimatu, who is in charge of rehabilitation of the pollution-challenged Boracay and other beach destinations in the country.

During the Holy Week, many Filipinos head to provinces and spend the long vacation in beaches or camp in mountains to cool off as temperatures rise in the city. With the huge number of people and activities, solid waste like plastic bags, food waste, wrappers and sachets are likely to accumulate.

Beach resorts, which are favorite destinations, suffer much of the brunt with improper waste disposal and inappropriate sewage facilities.

“In the past weeks, we have seen how many of our prime beaches particularly Boracay, El Nido and Puerto Galer, to name a few, have suffered from degradation,” Cimatu lamented. “The sad thing is that destruction is not confined to these areas alone.”

“When our seas are polluted, marine life is affected, fishermen have less to catch, and the very waters that provide livelihood to many through ecotourism cease to be a source of income,” he added.

Meanwhile, Cimatu said the planned closure of Boracay should serve as a wake-up call for everyone to become good stewards of the environment.

“It does not take much to keep our environment clean. Every effort, when taken together, will result to clean water, clean air, clean land, healthy forests and rich biodiversity. Let’s all do our share,” Cimatu said.

Cimatu also gave the following tips to make the Holy Week break eco-friendly and more meaningful:

  • Switch off and unplug electrical appliances, devices or fixtures when not in use water plants, flush the toilets, or clean floors or cars;

  • Use reusable food-grade containers, not disposable plastic, for food and drinking water to minimize waste;

  • Keep surroundings clean to reduce the use of energy and water that may be needed to clean them up;

  • Switch off and unplug electrical appliances, devices or fixtures when not in use;

  • Keep vehicles well-maintained to lessen pollution; and

  • Patronize fuel-efficient vehicles that can transport more passengers at a time. This not only saves on gas but reduces emissions that worsen the heat and contribute to air pollution. ###

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  • Cimatu lauds law enforcement authorities behind large wildlife bust

    Tuesday, March 20, 2018

    Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu has commended personnel of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for the rescue of over 300 smuggled live animals and arrest of four suspects in what has been dubbed as one of the country’s largest wildlife busts. The successful operation was carried out on Tuesday by joint operatives from the NBI-Environmental Crime Division and the DENR’s Philippine Operations Group of Ivory and Ille…


Photo Releases

DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu (in black coat) officiates the turn-over ceremony from outgoing RD Arleigh J. Adorable to incoming RD Crizaldy Barcelo.

DENR 8 Regional Director Atty. Crizaldy Barcelo lights the Flame of Sportsmanship to formally start the DENR Sportsfest 2017.

DENR 8’s ARD for Management Services Arturo N. Salazar presents Updates on Government Policy on Climate Change during the 2nd Regional Climate Change Conference conducted by PH Haiyan Cooperative in cooperation with the Climate Change Commission.

Mangrove forest and eco-park in Naungan, Ormoc City developed by the Naungan San Juan Mangrove Planters Association from what used to be a plain mudflat.

DENR 8 technical personnel record and monitor sightings of migratory birds in the wetlands of Eastern Visayas.

Residents of Brgy. Tagpuro join the mangrove tree planting activity spearheaded by the PH Haiyan Advocacy Cooperative.

CIMATU INSPECTS CONFISCATED ENDANGERED SPECIES. Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu inspects the confiscated sulfur crested cockatoos (Cacatua galerita) at the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) Wildlife Rescue Center in Quezon City with BMB Director Theresa Mundita Lim (beside Cimatu). Three species of the cockatoos including the moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) and the black palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus) totaling 154 heads were confiscated by the joint forces of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Philippine Operations Group on Ivory and Illegal Wildlife Trade (DENR POGI) and the National Bureau of Investigation Environmental Crime Division in a buy-bust operation in Pasay City. The cockatoo is considered an endangered species and is listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Its trade should be subject to a CITES export permit from the country of origin and a CITES import permit from the country of destination. A total of 316 heads of species were confiscated in the successful operation.

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